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A Kick In the Sit-bone

Inside the Yoga Sutras

I am so excited about my plans this summer because I am going on a bit of a… I guess you could call it a pilgrimage, to reconnect with myself. Wow, I just got deep there with you, didn’t I? But that is exactly the point, to get deep in to my minds eye and get in touch with my true self and purpose. I am really looking forward to this, from July 21st to August 17th (4 whole weeks) I will be at Frog Lotus Yoga in North Adams, Massachusetts earning my 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification in Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga/Hatha Yoga under Jennifer Yarro!!

In preparation for this Yoga Intensive I have a reading list and ‘Inside the Yoga Sutras’ by Reverend Jagnath Carrera is the first read on the list. This is not an easy read, let me tell you, It is practically like reading a dictionary, or at least so far it is (I’m hoping it will eventually start getting easier). It’s a good thing I’m starting on it early on in the year because I have a feeling that I am going to read this a couple of times before I can absorb all of this very new information. This book is really kicking my sit-bone (get the funny yoga pun?) which reminds me, the next book I need to read is ‘The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume I’ by Ray Long & Chris Macivor so I will be teaching myself all the key muscles, bones, and other anatomical parts of the body that are affected by the practice of yoga. Obviously I have a lot of work ahead of me so I am off (but first read this annoying rant about the state of my blog).

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by making your way through my blog that it has no real theme or point. The only common ground that my blog posts share with each other is my lack of commitment to a single subject. (Insert self-aware comment about my commitment issues here). Now that all that has been said I am going to completely contradict everything I just said, as well as my own natural instinct, and say that I am going to keep you guys regularly updated on my personal journey to becoming a YA Certified Yoga Teacher! Now that is not saying that from now on I will only be blogging about yoga and eastern philosophy and such. Of course not, I will be keeping a record of my thought and progress during this journey as well as posting completely random and unrelated blog posts about everything/nothing. So don’t worry!

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    November 4, 2013


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