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What to do with all my covers?

I have been wondering lately (since I left my show at SCAD Radio) what I’m going to do with the 500+ cover songs I have collected. As some of you may remember I had a show at SCAD Radio called Cover Flow/Like A Version where I played 2 hours of just covers every week. Since leaving SCAD and SCAD Radio I haven’t had any real use or purpose for all of these covers and it has been driving me mad. I couldn’t possibly get rid of them because of the hours and hours of effort put into collecting them, but for the same reason I can’t stand the fact that they just sit in a folder on my hard drive. So I came up with a plan (or a rough draft for a plan); I am going to make a playlist every week and post it on my blog.

Here is a playlist from a show I did earlier this year where the first hour was french themed (one of the only “theme” showsI ever had):

1. Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher (Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking cover) – Eileen

2. American Boy (Estelle/Kanye cover) – Cocoon

3. Umbrella (Rhianna cover) – Yael Naim

4. Empire State of Mind (Jay-z cover) – Cocoon

5. Mon Pays (Yelle cover) – Lo-Fi-Fnk

6. Wordy Rappinghood (Tom Tom Club cover) – Uffie

7.Because Of Boys (Yelle – A Cause Des Garcons cover) – Robyn

8. Qui Est C’ette Fille (Robyn – Who’s That Girl cover) – Yelle

9. Hey Ya (Outkast cover) – Cocoon

10. La Vie En Rose (Edith Piaf cover) – Pomplamoose

11. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover) – Yael Naim

12. Wonderwall (Oasis cover) – Ozark Henry

13. Love The Way You Lie (Rhianna/Eminem cover) – Julian Perretta

14. Blue Monday (New Order cover) – Nouvelle Vague

15. Fix You (Coldplay cover) – Marit Larsen

16. Zebra (Beach House cover) – Wakey!Wakey!

17. Fine and Melow (Billie Holiday cover) – Joy Denalane

18. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Rose Royce cover) – City and Colour

19. Violet Hill (Coldplay cover) – Brooke Fraser

20. Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover) – Mat Kearney

21. Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover) – Rogue Wave

22. Hello (Martin Solveig cover) – The Baseballs

23. Only Girl (Rhianna cover) – Frida Gold

24. Blind Love (Tom Waits cover) – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

25. Super Bass (Nicki Minaj cover) – Karmin

26. Cousins (Vampire Weekend cover) – Mumford & Sons

27. Teenage Dream (Katy Perry cover) – White Hinterland

28. The Morning (The Weeknd cover) – Saskatchewan

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