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Of Instagram & Idols

For over a week now I have been working on a Colour Theory project based on an original illustration my my favorite artist Danny Roberts ( The assignment is to create an image with pointillism (a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of pure color are applied in patterns to form an image) using any medium of our choice. I chose to do mine in markers (I used Prismacolors) on illustration board, using only 10 markers for the whole project. I posted some photos of my progress, as I usually do, on my Instagram account, and on my final/finished result I mentioned Danny Roberts. Only a minute later did I get a notification that he commented on the Instagram photo of my piece (read his comment below)! I am still in shock and awe and have not yet replied to his comment (is that rude?) because I have no idea what to say to my favourite and most inspirational artist complementing MY work!!

(BTW: The project critique is today and there is nothing that any of my peers/ professor could say about my piece that could mean more than that comment from Danny.)

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