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Foxy Loxy

I’m about to go visit Foxy Loxy for the first time after class to get some coffee and maybe a vegan treat! I talked to an employee this past weekend at the Savannah Record Fair about their vegan options (cookies, even cheesecake) and decided I had to go before I left Savannah. I’m pretty excited about this!

Review coming soon!!

           I payed approx. $6.50 for a vegan brownie and a Mexican Cafe con Leche w/
           soy milk, so about the same price as a small drink & treat at Starbucks (but WAY
           BETTER because it’s VEGAN!). My brownie was pretty good as was my drink,
           although next time I will probably just get a black coffee because they charge $1
           for soy milk. What really sells this place though is the environment! It’s bigger
           than it looks, with multiple rooms on the inside and even a courtyard out back,
           you can always find a quiet place to work or a roomy place to hang out with a
           group. Next time I’m looking forward to trying their vegan chili chocolate
           cheesecake (pretty steep though at $6 a slice). Definitely go pay them a visit and
           check out their website,, you can also follow them
           on twitter to find out about events and specials!

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