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Strangest night… EVER.

Tonight I had a volunteer shift for a SCAD Radio live remote (sit at a table and hand out free stuff/ promote the station & the upcoming Savannah Record Fair) from 7:30 to 10:30 pm at Muse Arts Warehouse for their monthly Vinyl Appreciation night. Sounds awesome right? Free coffee, free live mixes of awesome music, what more could you ask for? Or so I thought…

Disclaimer: (I’m not going to recount the entire evenings happenings in this post because it is now midnight and I have a paper to write, but I will give you the gist of of it.)

Tony and I were about 90 minutes into our shift when an obviously drunk woman strikes up a conversation interrogation with the two of us. It started off seemingly innocent; she asked us a few questions like:

  • “Are you guys bored? You look so bored.”
  • “So what are you doing here?”
  • “Oh, are you getting paid?”
  • “What are your majors?”
  • “Where are you from?”
  • “How old are you?”
  • “Who pays for you to go to SCAD?”

Yeah… That last question was when it started getting weird; at this point she wad her left arm around Tony’s shoulder and her right around a cup of white wine, her face was right between our two faces and this is when she really started drilling us. (Remember we are still at our table in the middle of this, very loud, event.) So, like I said earlier, I’m not going to recount the entire evenings happenings in this post, but here is basically what was said at this point in our interrogation.

  • “So you guys don’t know who’s paying for your classes here or why? You need to know this shit!
  • “I can get you guys a little more money next quarter… or I can rip your asses off and take all the scholarship money you’re getting from the school and the goverment!” 
  • “I have a microphone in my back pocket!”
  • We are watching you, you ungrateful punks!”
  • “When was the last time you had a beverage?”
  • “Your asses are on the line and we are ALWAYS watching you!”
  • “I have an FBI badge in my back pocket!”
  • “It is time to be honest, you need to be honest with me and you need to be honest with yourself.”
  • “You don’t even know who I am!”
  • “You’re right I didn’t catch your name earlier… I’m Tayler”
  • “I know who you are, oh! We know who you are… because we are ALWAYS watching you!”
  • “I have a gun in my back pocket!”
  • “What did you say your name is?”
  • “You don’t need to know my name… I know who you are.”
  • “Actually I think…”

(Colour Key: crazy drunk woman, me, crazy woman’s very embarrassed daughter, Tony

So after the drunk woman was literally dragged out of the event by her 90 lb daughter (who, after I asked around later, is Margaret) the organizer of Vinyl Appreciation Night came over to our table to “apologize for Margaret’s mom”; he was very cool BTW and I would still highly recommend attending Vinyl Appretiation Night at Muse Arts Warehouse (despite the fact that I was threatened both physically and economically by a random post-middle-aged alcoholic).

One comment on “Strangest night… EVER.

  1. Aunt Cindy
    February 27, 2012

    Whoa! That’s nuts, honey! I’m glad you’re coming home soon. Texas craziness is at least familiar! Hook em horns!

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