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Colour Theory Project 2

Professor Szatmary is letting us use our medium of choice for this last project she assigned us. Although I chose to work in watercolours, of course, I decided to present my ideas for our “Half-way Citique” digitally just to make it easier to show the whole class.

I’m uploading the sketches I made in my sketchbook and the corresponding colour schemes I have chosen. Once I get input from my classmates and approval from my professor I am going to paint over the sketches with watercolour and add details with either a micron pen or a graphite pencil.

Tints & Saturated Colour Scheme:
Saturated Colours Sketch
Saturated & Tint Colour Scheme

Tones & Shades Colour Scheme:
Tones & Shades Colour Scheme

Source Image Colour Scheme:
Source Image Portrait
Source Image Colour Scheme

Source Image:
Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec

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